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Young and Ambitious (Hosted By Djofficial)

by Griff Que$o

  The tape itself he says explains the title "Young and Ambitious". "The young part is when I'm talking about sex, females, and partying then the ambitious part is when I'm talking about getting up and doing something." His two favorite tracks he picked would be "Alive" which is his outro, and "The Wood". "The Wood" happens to be the song that shows what he can do, his R&Base singing and his storytelling rapping are both shown in that song. You can expect not to hear any of the commercialized LA Hip Hop on this tape. From his perspective, he feels like LA rappers put themselves in a box when they start off with that type of music. He said he'll never throw any shade to anyone else, but he wants to be respected for his real music. "My rapping is different from the rappers and my singing is different from the singers."
    When it comes to favorite artists, he says he like Drake for his artistry, not what he talks about, but as far as rap goes, it's a tie between Nipsey Hussle and J. Cole. "Rapper's stories make me believe in them." At the moment he doesn't want to work with any other rappers, he only has 4 on his tape. "And I forced them because I didn't want everyone to just hear me on the tape." He said he would, though, like to work with artists like Sade, people who are nothing like him. With that, Griff said he would only like to sign with someone he can have longevity with.