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REM Cover 1.0.jpg

REM Cycle

by ThatMardy

REM Cycle is the debut project of ThatMardy; released in February of 2014. This 11-track tape contains features from Griff Que$o, Hiiilyfe Fresh, ONEst, & KooStew. Throughout REM Cycle you will see ThatMardy clever wordplay and ear for different beats. "If you wonder why I'm choosing these beats is because I vibe to them the most. And I was hoping that y'all would vibe with them too". ThatMardy chose to name his debut mixtape Rem Cycle because rem is the stage before waking up. He feels like that is what he was aiming for with this project. Referring to the phrase being slept on. He was aiming to wake people up, in terms of his music. With singles like Real Nigga Anthem, Its a Wrap / Hours Later and Something Different we hope that you don't sleep on him.