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Griff Que$o


   Griff Queso is an Inglewood native trying to create his own lane. He isn't your average rapper for the simple fact that he also sings. His style of singing and rapping resembles artists like PartyNextDoor, Tory Lanez and Drake. He goes for a more R&Base sound and he feels like no one else in LA is doing that right now. "Im just good at making melodies, like I would be a good writer." But he says he tells more of a story. "I can't explain it I just love music."

   The 21 year old artist started recording when he was in the 9th grade but he said it wasn't the music he wanted to record, he was more so doing what the producer wanted which was singing. But eventually he evolved into his own sound and started doing his own thing after grinding to get studio time and beats. Which is why it took him 3 years to put together his first project. 


Griff Que$o - Live at Los Globos
Video filmed by Brandon Johnson of Endgameproductions 3/13/15


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